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I have different websites depending on the topic you're interested in. Click on the titles to see more!

  • Church Stage Design

    I provide design services and train people on how to create more inspiring worship spaces. New! The Church Stage Design Blueprint, a 6-week step-by-step interactive class, is starting February of 2018. See site for details.

  • Leadership and Strategy

    Strategy Sketchnotes are a fun look at leadership principles, illustrated with calligraphy and stick figures. Free videos are released regularly. I also do live trainings and coaching in the areas of organizational leadership and strategy, volunteer mobilization, team management, and productivity.

  • Books

    I’ve written books and articles on event planning and productivity, including The Christian Conference and Event Planner.


    This site has posts on many topics related to creativity and the church: events, design, and fun things I'm learning


Stage Design | Interior Design | Graphic Design | Event Design | Photography

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