Growing baby

Today was my day off from work (though I did do a little work!). But most of it was spent unpacking. We are just about unpacked except we have about 5 boxes of computer cables and stuff we have to sift through. My goal was to clear out all the boxes sitting everywhere and I […]

Music in the park

Today was a pretty busy day for me – meeting about small groups, meeting with my boss, and meeting about the library ministry. In between all of that, a lot of calling new people and people wanting to serve at the church. The day went by really quickly.

First days

Yesterday, Sunday the 18th, was my first day at UCC. It is a really good thing I married such a conscientous husband who is an engineer and is cynical about things functioning correctly. Usually I just use an alarm clock plugged into the outlet. But he wanted to be on the safe side so he […]

The welcome continues…

We feel quite welcome here at Davis: 1. We were welcomed with unseasonably warm weather. It was forecast for 102° but I think it was only high 80’s or low 90’s, much better than we thought! Those movers are quite amazing. They really worked up a sweat. I only carried small, wimpy things and I […]

Goodbye, Roseville. Hello, Davis.

Welcome to my new blog that will chronicle our adventures in the next leg of our journey – Davis, California! Well, I never knew following after God’s leading would lead to so many adventures… Moving 4 times in 2 years is not a whole lot of fun but we are excited to see what the […]