Goodbye, Roseville. Hello, Davis.

Welcome to my new blog that will chronicle our adventures in the next leg of our journey – Davis, California! Well, I never knew following after God’s leading would lead to so many adventures… Moving 4 times in 2 years is not a whole lot of fun but we are excited to see what the future holds.

Hopefully future blogs will have pictures and fun stuff… but since my camera was packed away and we just spent a lot of time moving… this time it’s just boring text!

This past year and a half of working at Bayside Church has been full of adventures – never a dull moment! And after leaving Bayside, the adventure has continued. This week was my first week of experiencing unemployment — such a very odd state!

Sunday was my last day at Bayside and Monday and Tuesday and today have pretty much consisted of packing, packing, packing. Once in a while there were nice breaks… our friend Rob stopped by with ice cream for us one day. We had dinner with the Hsiehs – a nice break from packing. And today our friend Sharol stopped by with some surprise frozen treats. Awww… God has blessed us immensely with such loving friends!

Working at Bayside has helped me adjust to the unexpected. Like our car breaking down — twice — this week. Our brake calipers locked up, melting the intake valve on our tire and causing the tire (new, I might add) to smoke. The car repair people took the temperature and it was 360°! That’s one hot tire! Then something went funky with the steering.

And then today the movers looked at all of our stuff and said it would take longer than they thought and they would not be able to get it done in a day. So there was a sudden change of plans and our stuff would not be able to be delivered until tomorrow.

Historically being a very poor traveler/packer, of course I was not prepared. Albert, in his great wisdom and foresight, all had us pack bags just in case. Were it not for him, we would be sleeping on the floor in all of our street clothes. I packed some sheets for the kids… but forgot pillows. And forgot our sheets AND pillows. We also forgot lamps and chairs and garbage cans. So we were sitting in the dark in the house until I could borrow a lamp from my sister Corrie.

Fortunately, the movers were really nice about moving our beds and refrigerator. And I did remember some paper plates and plasticware and very large plastic garbage bags. (So there is a HUGE bag with about 3 pieces of garbage in it.)

But… being a geeky family, all our computers are up and running, and so is the Internet, thanks to Albert’s techno-savvy. Yes, we have no furniture and no sheets and no extra clean clothes… but we have our computers!

We are now officially situated in Davis – and already feel so welcome! Wow, what a contrast to moving to Roseville when we didn’t know anyone and felt alone and wandering!

  • My sister Corrie came over with my cute little nephew Steven and we had a nice time hanging out and I got my baby fix.
  • The former tenants left us a gift basket in the kitchen, complete with home-canned fruit, chocolate chip cookies, wine and coffee.
  • Alex and Erica, the high school/junior high ministries pastor/director at University Covenant Church, came over with a home-made pizza and salad and left the dinner for us! It was complete with juice and dessert.
  • The senior pastor, Jamie, called us twice to see how we were doing and how the move was going for us.
  • The office manager, Deanna, called me to let me know the office at the church is ready!
  • Corrie and Steve let us borrow sheets and a lamp to make up for my lack of planning skills. You would think after 4 moves I would be pretty organized and get my act together. However, I find most of the time I am in a state of denial when it comes to moving.

Wow! I am just flabbergasted by everyone’s kindness. I said to Albert, “I don’t understand why everyone at UCC is so nice to me! I haven’t even started working there!” 🙂 I guess it is an example of the loving grace of God – poured out undeserved upon us.

And, last of all, this is what makes it official that I am right at home here… I already passed our street by mistake and had to make a U-turn as I almost got lost trying to get to our house. I think I have made U-turns at every city I have ever driven in.

Yes, Davis feels like home already!

A Yee

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