First days

Yesterday, Sunday the 18th, was my first day at UCC.

It is a really good thing I married such a conscientous husband who is an engineer and is cynical about things functioning correctly. Usually I just use an alarm clock plugged into the outlet. But he wanted to be on the safe side so he set his watch alarm too.

Sure enough, all the power went out in the morning and the alarm clock died. But we woke up in time because his watch alarm went off! God is good – He gave me a wonderful husband! I tend to have a rosy-eyed view of electronic items, that they will automatically work. My husband, a mechanical engineer, is far more realistic and accurate in his predictions!

The services were so nice – I was totally blown away by the kindness and welcome.  Jamie introduced Albert and me to the congregation (and first service the kids – reluctantly). The lady who did the cakes even took me into the kitchen to show me the cakes they had ordered that said, “Welcome Angela” because they cut them all up when they served them so she wanted me to see what it said! They had a nice tent with a banner and balloons and lots of people came by and greeted our family.

There are so many incredible servant-hearted people. It seems like the majority of the church serves somewhere or another! Serving is a very high value – ahhhh…. that just makes my heart beat in joy! 🙂 I look forward to getting to know the leaders and people who attend the church.

I was greatly surprised by the appearance of Rob Shelton from the Bayside Events Team! What a great support and encouragement it was to see him! (Albert said I shouted, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!” to Rob a little too loudly. Oops. Couldn’t help it – I was so surprised!)

The rest of day was great too – lunch with Rob and the family, a nice nap, and then back to unpacking as a family. We are spending a lot more time together as a family and I love it – what a blessing!

Today was my first day in the office. It was a good day… getting introduced and meeting about what I’ll be doing… so impressed that the meetings ended in prayer! I love that this church is a place of prayer.

It will take some getting used to… so different than my previous job… so quiet in the office! (Fortunately I am next to the worship director who makes lots of noise.) I have a big office – wow! I’m the only Mac person… I’m on my own for my tech support as everyone here is PC. (Fortunately I have very competant Mac friends and Albert.) It’s a pretty low-tech place… high on the people touch… The leadership style is high on the support side and low on the directive (telling you what to do) side. The leadership style is also Management By Walking Around and asking how the family is doing. I like that!

Lots of good stuff to celebrate and thank God for. And this was great too – in the evening our family walked to the Davis library (about 20 minutes walk one way). Great time as a family and good exercise too – and we share in our love of books. Life certainly feels slower and better focused.

A Yee

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