Garage organizing and nice dinner

Well, my first week in the office is officially over… Monday through Thursday. It was a very quiet week as I was holed up most of the time working on my message. The staff are all very nice and I look forward to getting to know them better. They were so kind that they actually changed their staff lunch to this week to be a nice welcome! Wow, I am so blown away by how kind everyone has been!

Albert and I spent most of the day today organizing our garage. It used to look like the warehouse in the Indiana Jones #1 (where he looks for the Ark of the Covenant) – rows and rows of boxes and stuff. Albert moved them all so the labels were facing outwards so we could find all our boxes.

So this week has been unpacking and repacking stuff that can’t fit in our house. All the boxes are labeled by different letters and numbers, depending on what’s inside, and listed on Google Docs so that Albert and I can both access them. (But Albert’s preferred method of finding stuff is asking me, “Do you know where….. is?”)

We have a large shelf in the garage that has 4 levels and is divided by posts into 3 sections. So as Albert put boxes away, I would add a code for the location of the box – A3, D2, C4, etc. This way all we have to do is do a search on Google Docs for the item, find the box number, go to the location of the shelves and pull the box out. It’s kind of like what they do at IKEA when you go downstairs and find the furniture you’re looking for.

Well, at least in theory that’s how it works. We’ll see if it actually does.

So now we can park the van inside… once we get rid of the pile of stuff we are needing to give or throw away, and some stuff we need to bring into the house, once we unpack everything that’s piled up in here. So it will probably be another week!

Now that Albert and I have moved responsibilities around, things are humming a lot better. We are no longer scrounging for food because he is doing the cooking instead of me. Always fresh ingredients and yummy meals! And there are no more piles of papers to file because I am handling all paperwork. In fact, in the big pile of papers Albert hadn’t filed for 2 years, I found an overdue bill so we were able to pay it before the big penalty hit. And now there won’t be overdue things any more since I am organizing all the bills! Plus, Albert pays them online because I only like organizing bills – I don’t like paying them! So it is a great match. 🙂 God sure knew what he was doing when he put us together!

In the evening, our family went to a small group dinner – the first group we have met, Couples in Christ. What a great group of people! So warm and welcoming and hospitable. The kids made new friends too and were sad to leave. We had to leave a bit early because I had to go home and practice my sermon – speaking tomorrow! They were so kind to invite us!

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