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I feel so incredibly blessed to be living (relatively) closely to most of my family!

Today we took advantage of the holiday to go down to the Bay Area to visit Albert’s parents and my mom. We had a very nice lunch and dinner with them (and even got to see some friends in between). (And I got 5 naps in between all the driving, so now my sleep is messed up for sure!)

Yesterday, Corrie and Steve and cute little Steven came out for moral support my first week speaking – it was great to see them! I got a little bit of a baby fix before service started. There’s something incredibly therapeutic about holding him! (I miss him – didn’t get to see him today!)

Corrie sent me a cute picture – he has started smiling. We still aren’t sure if he knows what he’s doing but Corrie captured some pretty cute pictures. Here’s one. I think it is a foreshadowing of a mischievous nature coming out. (Though he is one of the most mellow babies I have ever seen! He just leans on my shoulder looking around and not moving much of the time, but his big eyes are taking everything in.)

Steven sticks his tongue out - so cute!

It was also nice because yesterday my team showed up too! Rob, Chris, Tawny and her family. I was totally surprised to see them – but it was so nice that they came! That was a trick, keeping on track with the message while being totally distracted! 🙂

Last week was message-focused. This week I am excited to start working on adult ministries… beginning with a morning meeting at 8:30 am! Whoa… this place is full of early birds. I miss my 10 am starting time in my previous job, though the singing mockingbird outside the window wakes me at all times of the early morning now! Albert has been trying for years to get me to shift to an early schedule and this time he may have succeeded! I am finding I am not minding getting up so early… very weird!

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