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I realized this blog also allows me to show before and after examples of things that I am working on.

A fellow worker passed me on this slide and said the background was too busy and did I have ideas on how to improve the slide. This is a slide we are using this Sunday to celebrate the past year, and shows all the sermon series slides from the past year.

What I did:

  • Added some Digital Juice Juicedrops graphic overlaying it to give it a “lighting” effect. The original Juicedrop slide was much more complicated with a grid. I removed the grid to make it look like a lighting explosion.
  • Increased the transparency of the title slides to make them blend into the background more.
  • Simplified the text so it didn’t compete with the background.
  • Decreased the line spacing so that more of the graphics would show around the border. This also gave more of an effect of it looking like the glow was coming from the letters. The 3D effect of the text remained as it was from the original slide.
  • Moved around the order of the central slides because the construction slide was clashing with the title. I moved it to the bottom where there was more space.

Total time worked on this slide: 15 minutes or so (probably more like 10). Would have been less but my computer crashed. (Started at 8:48 pm, finished at 9:09 pm, including restarting the computer!)

End result:

A Yee

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