Violin, nephew and Davis quirks

I love how since moving to Davis, I have spent TONS more time with the family! We have a life again!!! God is so good to us!

This evening, Albert took Megan to go check out a new violin teacher. This guy is good, so though he lives up in Woodland, we are going to go with him. He’s actually the conductor of the Sacramento Youth Symphony. He is funny and entertaining and quite a good teacher – Albert saw a marked improvement in Megan’s playing after just the time she spent with him.

He is amazed how much progress Megan has made in a year and a half of playing. (Believe me, I agree, because I played 2 years and I think I played half as well as she does!) He said, “We might as well all just break our violins now!” because he thought she was so good for the amount of time she had played.

The down side is that now we have to figure out how to get a full-size violin!

Meanwhile, Daniel and I walked over to my sister Corrie’s house to visit her and her family (and for me to get my regular baby fix. I sure am addicted to that cute little nephew of mine!). Here is a totally adorable picture of him taken very recently:

My cute little nephew

While I was holding him, within the space of a few minutes, he spit up a couple times, gave an explosive pooping sound, and then started into hiccups. So much activity for such a little kid! But most of the time, he just hung out contentedly, chomping on his spit-up protection cloth. Such a mellow kid!

Then Daniel and I headed home.

Besides having great mother-son bonding time, we walked almost 3 miles total (roundtrip) and got to familiarize ourselves with Davis a little better.

Davis is a very interesting place. I saw for the first time a “bike signal” – a regular thing for Davis people, but new for me! Tried to take a picture, but didn’t turn out.

Here’s another different thing about Davis. Instead of having yard waste cans, people just make piles of their greenery and brush in the street and a big truck comes on by and picks it all up!

Tomorrow is garbage day… garbage, recycling, and big piles of greenery decorating the sides of all the streets here.

But what is also nice is the walk is mostly along quiet roads – we cross only one major road. It’s so nice to live so close to be able to walk. We like Davis!

And here’s probably the biggest quirk of all of this place… today Deanna came in and showed me they ran an article called “Yee Heads Up Adult Ministries at UCC” in the Davis Enterprise newspaper! I was really shocked as I don’t think this is anything deserving publication in a newspaper! Sure was nice of Deanna to send info to the paper but I never thought anything like that would be noteworthy. Maybe it was just a quiet day with nothing to report on…. 🙂 I am quite uncomfortable with all this being up-front – Sunday I am helping Jamie lead the first worship service and communion.. It feels like stretching an unused muscle, as I have been so used to being the behind-the-scenes person and very comfortable and happy in that role! Being quiet and behind the scenes definitely is my natural preference, but God is stretching me!


The last family update is that my clever mechanical engineer husband who lately has been feeling cheap and not wanting to spend money (thanks to the many bills we incurred this month from moving), came up with a clever way to create a bike stand. So instead of spending $150 on a bike stand, he spent $30 materials and has a perfectly functional bike stand he can use to work on our bikes! To me it looked like a bunch of pipes with a big clamp on the end, but according to him, you can prop up your bike to work on it. Okay, glad it works for him!

A Yee

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  1. corriespondent - May 30, 2008

    Wow! I’ll have to get a copy of the article!

    And I’m impressed with Albert’s ingenuity. We looked into buying a bike stand a couple years ago and were scared off by the price! You’ll have to take a picture of it!

  2. Albert - June 3, 2008

    Hi Corrie — I didn’t think of it myself. I got it from Instructables:

    It’s not perfect, but I think it will do. I’m still tweaking it a bit.

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