Growing baby

Today was my day off from work (though I did do a little work!). But most of it was spent unpacking. We are just about unpacked except we have about 5 boxes of computer cables and stuff we have to sift through. My goal was to clear out all the boxes sitting everywhere and I am done! Just waiting for Albert! Yay!!!

Megan had her violin audition with the youth orchestra today in Sacramento. Poor Megan was nervous all day, so much so that she lost much of her appetite all day. Now that’s nervous – because she loves to eat!! Albert said she did really well, although Megan said she didn’t know what she was doing and accidentally went behind the barrier so all the judges saw her (it’s supposed to be an anonymous audition so the judges can’t see who’s playing). Oops. That’s my daughter! 🙂

In the evening, we walked over to Corrie’s to visit her family. This time our whole family went. Albert and Steve talked bikes while I hogged up the whole time carrying Steven around. I realized my poor kids never get to carry him because I monopolize our time by holding him so much! Oops, must not be such a selfish auntie. (Of course, the kids don’t complain. They don’t seem very enthusiastic about holding him! They would rather read their aunt’s interesting books.)

Steven was quite mellow and kept looking around over my shoulder. Tonight he decided to be cross-eyed a lot. Corrie snapped a great picture and I will try to get a copy to post!

But she took these pictures to show how much he has grown. The first picture is from the first week he was born (I think), next to her cat nutmeg:

And this is him this week (6 weeks old). Looks like the cat has shrunk!

Steven and Nutmeg2

The project for the evening was editing a music piece for my niece Marisa’s gymnastics routine. It was almost 2 minutes and I had to edit it down so it ended up being 1:18. A lot of cutting and splicing! I have missed doing creative stuff like that… hopefully in the future there will be more opportunity!

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  1. Mele - June 5, 2008

    I know! Next time you can do that slideshow for me!

    Just kidding.


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