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Today I discovered a totally cool website. I have been very interested in what I am eating because I am always wondering if I am getting the correct amounts of vitamins, etc. Most sites just count calories, but I am more interested in nutrition.

Well, NutritionData is a really cool site! You enter what you eat, and it comes up with these cool-looking charts and visuals to show you how you are doing. This appeals to me because their site is well-designed and the charts are cool-looking.


So after I eat, I got plug in to see if I am doing a little better in getting the right vitamins and nutrients! This is how I am doing so far today… I guess I’m a little short in some of my vitamins!

Being a goal-oriented person, this is probably the best motivation I can think of so far to help me eat healthily! Real-time feedback in nice-looking graphics, with little bars and colors to show your process. This works far better than feeling guilty or New Year’s Resolutions or people nagging at me (not that anyone does). Works for me!

You can even put a little widget in your blog. (Except this one doesn’t accept inline frames so I guess it doesn’t work here!)

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