It is such an odd thing to say that my life actually has margin now – and I love it!

We hung out with some worship team members today for a potluck lunch. It was so awesome just hang out and enjoy other people’s company!

In the evening, we biked over to my sister Corrie’ house to visit my cute little nephew Stephen. An added bonus — Corrie made delicious chocolate cookies with chocolate chips and we had ice cream! I got to hold my nephew and be baptized in his spit-up. He was a little fussy but after a while had his limp “I’m-feeling-a-bit tired” look, where he slumped in my arms, but his eyes were still wide open. And I got the delight of hearing him coo! Hee hee, so cute!

And then tonight I said to the kids, “If you unload the dishwasher (clean dishes), I’ll wash dishes for you.” The kids were delighted. Usually unloading, loading and handwashing dishes is their chore. But I felt like I had the bandwidth to give them a break.

Daniel was delighted. He said, “Wow, it just makes me appreciate all the work now that we do dishes all the time, and it’s nice to get a break!”

BTW, I am trying blogging from this new browser I have been using for a while, called Flock. It is really cool! It is like a Firefox browser, but also shows all the status updates of friends on Facebook and Twitter, as well as any RSS feeds, so I can keep up on current news and friends’ posts at the same time on my home page! It has this blogging feature I am using now, where it posts directly to WordPress. It has a search engine and you can designate what your default search service is (I like to use Google). Pretty cool!

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