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Our trusting God in our finances has been such a cool journey. After Albert’s engineering company went under, he made the shift to become a professor. A part time professor hardly makes anything. So we’ve had to trust God for our finances! We’ve tried to be wise by putting together a budget, watching expenses, not eating out much, etc.

Well what has been so cool is that every single month God has provided in some way or another. I’ve been listing the amazing ways God has provided and it’s been every single month that something amazing has happened!

Friday I was doing our budget and feeling a bit depressed, as our need to buy Megan a new violin (she outgrew her old one) was an huge unexpected expense. But I just prayed, “God, I trust you, and I know you will provide.”

Today, Albert received a phone call from his cousin Boston, saying that her son had two violins and there was one just lying around and she offered to let Megan use it! It’s a really nice violin – very high quality and similar to the one we bought for Megan!

So Albert called the music store, and to our surprise, they said we could return the violin. Wow!!

Once again, God has worked amazingly in ways we would have never expected! He is good!


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    In fact, the violin that Amy is letting us use is probably nicer than the one we bought for Megan — Amy’s violin has been professionally adjusted by the guy who maintains about 2/3 of the violins for the Boston Symphony Orchestra!

    It’s a strange feeling for me — being thankful and grateful for God’s provision, but also wrestling with feelings that I’m not providing for my family, that I’m not earning enough, etc. Our current lifestyle is very much not the typical Asian-American (well, at least Yee) expectation.

    June 10, 2008 at 2:17 pm
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