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Today I had two meetings with new groups… at least, new to me, not new to the church.

Both were at 7. One was at 7 am, the other at 7 pm.

Now I totally am not a morning person, so last night I said to Albert, “I feel a little nervous as to my alarm clock because we had power outages so I am never sure if it is going to work or not.” Albert said he would set his Palm Pilot alarm because he keeps it by his bed.

Sure enough, 6:15 am his Palm Pilot alarm went off. My clock alarm did not go off. It turns out I had set the time for the alarm but never turned it on! Duh. So, good thing he turned it on!

So we went off to Cindy’s and I met with the people who had been on the branding team, which is looking at UCC’s image and perception and trying to create a strategy for it.

In the evening, there was another first meeting – my first meeting with the Small Groups Team. This is a group of people that head up the small group ministry. It’s been in maintenance mode and now is excited to move forward.

Well, it has been very fun for me to work on big picture stuff, overall strategy, etc. I’ve been praying for wisdom and it has been neat as I feel like the Lord has been leading in giving ideas that I never have had before.

And one idea was to structure the small groups leadership team. Here is the graphic:

The team is being renamed to the “SALT Team:” Small group Action Leadership Team, with our desire to be the salt and light of the earth.

The function of the team is broken down into 5 components:

  • vision: big picture direction and priorities
  • people systems: tracking, connecting people with small groups
  • leaders: recruiting and developing leaders and a coaching/shepherd structure
  • program: events, curriculum/materials
  • promo: promoting and raising awareness of small groups

Since there are so many things that yet need to be put in place, we’re using this diagram as a checkpoint for how balanced we are in approaching the ministry as we build it. This way we can check if we are working on all 5 areas.

The team gave really great feedback and filled me in on a lot of things, which I really appreciated!

Also it was kind of funny because our agenda was all “B’s:”

  • Bonding: introductions, getting to know each other
  • Big picture: evaluation of the ministry and purpose of small group ministry
  • Bible: a look at the biblically-functioning community in Acts 2 and how to build the small group ministry to reflect that
  • Brainstorming: talking about ideas of how to get us from where we are now to where we want to be
  • Building for the future: discussing the leadership team, calendaring, planning

It feels good that everyone is moving forward together and excited about the future. People have such a kind spirit and desire to serve God. What a great group of people!

A Yee

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