Small world

So yesterday Albert had two flat tires and ended up being stuck at Safeway. I left work and drove down to Safeway to get him and his bike.

When I got there, he was talking to a lady. It was a lady who started talking to him because she was concerned about stranded bikers. Turns out she goes to Bayside! She tried to go to Thrive last year but didn’t make it.

Then today Albert went to see a brand new doctor and got some allergy medicine! Yay! Poor Albert has been miserable with allergies.

Well, it turns out that this doctor goes to Bayside too! Even though he lives in Davis!

And then we got the name of a piano teacher from one of the leaders at UCC. Albert called her today and it turns out the piano teacher knows me from when I was speaking at BASS Convention!

Wow! Sure is a small world!

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