Kids' good news

The kids are now officially done with school! Everything has been done and turned in.

And good news – Daniel got an A in both classes! (Language Arts and History) That is just soooo way cool because he was really struggling in history at the beginning. He only these past two weeks pulled out from an 89 (earlier it was lower than that). It was really great because we sat down together and went through some study skills and he started quizzing his friends (and vice versa) online to test their knowledge. He found out that he got 196/200 on his last history test – only one question wrong! Wow!

Megan is working on a comic book. She has been working nonstop on this comic book, which she started yesterday and it is now at 12 pages. We are signing her up for a drawing class next year and she seems pretty excited about it. That’s my daughter!

Tonight Daniel came over to me – he had tied the belt for his shorts into a knot and it was too tight. He couldn’t loosen it so I tried to untie it. It came loose. He said, “Wow, Mommy, you are good! I tried to use the point of my compass and it wouldn’t come out.”

I said, “You have to use your nails.” He said, “I don’t have any nails.” I said, “I don’t either,” and showed him my short nails.” He said, “Well, it must be a Mommy skill then.” He was a lot happier to be able to breathe more easily!

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