Slowing down

I have a hard time slowing down. In my former job, I worked 60-80 hours a week, with the max about 115 hours one week. 60 would be considered a slow week. It’s one of the reasons that our family felt it was good for me to make the move to this new job.

So I absolutely love my new job and the new working environment here! But it will take me time to slow down from the habits that were accumulated the last year and a half. On Monday I felt like it was a light day, but after counting up the hours, realized I had already worked 11 hours that day (which felt light because previously I used to work 14-15 hours a day!). By Wednesday, 3 days into the work week, I had already worked 32 hours.

I don’t like to count my time to see how many hours I work – I am not a clock watcher – but this is part of the discipline I’m trying to instill in bringing more balance to my life. Already our family is totally loving how we have so much more family time, but I need to get into the mindset of not filling up all my free time working, but trying to develop some activities to recharge and enjoy the life and relationships God has given to me.

So yesterday (day 4 in the week), I left the office at 3pm… and felt very odd and somewhat guilty doing so, even though I’ve put in a good week’s worth of work already, with still another day to go (Sunday). It felt even more odd when the senior pastor caught me on the way out and said, “Have a great rehearsal tonight and great day off tomorrow!” instead of feeling like people were questioning me as to why I was leaving early!

But it was a good week – felt like progress was in made. In case you are wondering, “What in the world does an adult ministries pastor do anyway?” here’s a list of the projects/tasks I did this week:

Adult Ministries

  • researched what other churches do for adult ministry
  • put together ideas for adult ministry
  • met with pre-marital leaders

Adult Education

  • visited Boomers (40’s to 50’s) class
  • visited SPARKS (60’s+) class

Small Groups

  • attended a Webinar on Church Community Builder – church member/small group management system
  • explored the database software to track small groups
  • brainstormed small groups/adult ministry/connections ideas
  • researched what other churches do for small group ministries
  • created a small group ideas document for things to implement
  • created a structure, purpose and graphic document for the small group leadership team
  • ran small groups leadership team meeting and discussed future direction and plans
  • worked on date/facility reservation for small group training
  • attended a potluck dinner with one of the small groups at the church (I’m trying to get an idea of what the groups here are like and meeting the leaders and people)

Ministry Directors

  • designed and produced a Vacation Bible School invite card
  • followed up with newcomers – phone calls, emails
  • spoke at college group with Albert about “Men Are Like Waffles and Women Are LIke Spaghetti”
  • met with the person who started up the all-church block party event but who is not going to be on staff any more so I am taking the event over
  • put together a master plan for the block party event
  • met with senior pastor about coordinating the Alpha Course, which we are going to do this fall


  • met with the branding team
  • helped put together the list of questions that we will be interviewing people about regarding branding


  • had an impromptu counseling session
  • visited a couple struggling with cancer

So that’s a snapshot of a week of work in my life. Not included in there is what I consider “volunteer” – serving on the worship team. So there were a couple hours of drum practicing in there that doesn’t count as work – or count toward the hours I am keeping! 🙂 Or the other projects/activities I’ve been doing at home. In summary for this week for the time spent outside of work:

  • quiet time with God (first thing in the morning most days)
  • family time – the kids and I are reading Artemis Fowl and the Opal Deception
  • biking and walking with the family
  • a few games of Mario Cart with the kids – surprisingly, fun! Except when I keep falling off into the lava
  • chores and cleaning up around the house – ironing, bills, baking with Daniel, etc.
  • transcribing drum parts (listening to the recordings and writing out drum parts)
  • dinner with the senior high pastor and junior high director
  • dinner with a friend who visited us from Roseville
  • lunch with the church worship team people
  • a quick visit with my mom who drove up from the Bay Area with my aunt who is visiting from Taiwan (she spent most of the time with my sister Corrie and the really super-cute nephew of mine)
  • brochure design for Leading Together
  • business card design for Leading Together
  • website design for Leading Together
  • business card design for Albert’s new tutoring business
  • put together business plan for Albert’s tutoring business
  • business card design for a personal card for me
  • and one of my favorite activities – holding my cute little nephew!

Wow, I guess I got a lot done in a week! BTW, I’m tracking my weeks as “Thursday to Wednesday” – a little odd, I know, but it’s because I send weekly update reports every Wednesday to the executive pastor, so that’s how I track what I’m doing at work.

A Yee

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  1. corriespondent - June 13, 2008

    I am envious at how much you’ve been able to accomplish in a week! My week looked like: Feed your cute nephew. Change your cute nephew. Do laundry. Repeat.

    (I don’t like falling into the lava, either!)

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