my amazing husband

Albert is a mechanical engineer, and it is sure cool how he puts those skills in action. He likes to tinker and improve things and make things. So he has put that to good use this week!

He went to church and put together a big table/cart.

He assembled all the music stands for the worship team (they were new and came in a box).

He is now fixing Daniel’s bike, because the pedal broke.

But one of the coolest things is that he built yet another solar oven today (#4). All cardboard, tape glue, and aluminum foil! Oh yeah, and an old laundry detergent bucket.

The contraption heated up the chicken, which was sitting in a cake pan that was in a glass bowl with a glass cover. All the solar rays bounced around inside and heated it up so much that it looked like it was kind of boiling, with bubbles forming. After an hour and a half, we had really delicious teriyaki chicken!

So this oven appears to get hotter than his first box oven. The down side is that it gets so hot that the glue came off the tape so it fell apart.

Here’s a picture of the yummy cornbread we had the other night using his box solar oven.

Really amazing!

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