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My husband is totally amazing. He has now created 3 solar ovens: one box, and 2 fan-like ones.

This was taken this afternoon as he was cooking dinner: beets on the left, potatoes and bratwurst on the right. It was a totally delicious dinner! The beets were really soft and sweet and potatoes and brats were tender and quite yummy. You would never know that they were totally cooked by the sun!

So far, Albert has made:

  • chicken soup with carrots and noodles – perfect!
  • mapo tofu – really yummy. The ground beef was in bigger chunks than normal so it tasted a little different, but it was delicious.
  • beef stew – awesome!
  • cornbread – good taste but a little more flat and dense than usual. Albert and I like the oven version better but both kids like the solar cooker version.
  • creme brulee – this was a tough one to get right. Flavor was good but Albert didn’t have a torch for browning the top. But it was still good!
  • veggies – a bit soggy but hey, no gas or electricity was used!
  • chicken marbella – yummy, a bit more watery than the oven version but exact same flavor!
  • and I’m sure there are many other things Albert has cooked recently.

However, the main downside is that it’s dependent on the weather cooperating. This afternoon it got cloudy so Albert brought the food in… and then the sun came back out again! Fortunately, everything was cooked through and we enjoyed a hearty, healthy, and very green meal!

And to think, this was all made with cardboard, foil, and glue!

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  1. Tom - June 20, 2008

    We would love to publish your “fan” cooker on the Solar Cooking Archive Wiki. Can you send us some larger photos, a name for the cooker, and more info about it and yourselves?


    Tom Sponheim
    Solar Cookers International

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