First time babysitting

Today was the first time I got to babysit my baby nephew!

Corrie, my sister, had to take a client call, so I went to be on standby. It was supposed to be Steven’s nap time. I went over for two hours.

He slept half an hour and refused to sleep the rest of the time. So, being a soft auntie, it was hard to let him cry to sleep. He kicked apart his blanket and balled up his little fists and wailed and wailed. So I picked him and carried him around.

He sat in the bouncy seat for a while and I took the opportunity to take some very cute pictures of him. Unfortunately my iPhone focused on his seat instead of his face so they are somewhat blurry. But the pictures give an idea of why I think this little guy is so totally adorable! This one’s my favorite (left) because it captures his big eyes, cute cheeks and tufty hair. The right one shows a little of his worried look where the pouty lip is starting to come out.

He made great efforts to try to suck on his hand. He would sit there and look at his fist with this intent expression, as if strategizing how he could get it into his mouth. He would try to move his hand towards his face and sometimes miss it and keep trying. Below he was successful and was frantically sucking on his hand (left). On the right, he successfully got one finger in for a few seconds before his hand moved away and he lost it again. I think it’s so cute how he doesn’t know how to control his limbs and so his head tries to move towards his hand to catch it when it moves by his face!

Corrie made a delicious grilled cheese and ham sandwich (haven’t had one in years!). Then came home and conked out for a nap, and in the evening after dinner we walked to Nugget to get ice cream bars. Corrie and Steve and Steven came by our house where Albert made yummy smoothies and we hung out and talked. Steven was very happy propped up looking over my shoulder, and was so mellow and quiet that he fell asleep while I was sitting on the sofa, so I had a limp, sleeping baby on me. Later when they left, my shirt was all wet from his sweat! But sure was therapeutic – all is well when there is a limp, sleeping baby lying on you!

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