Bay Area, doctor and fire

Today we went to the Bay Area and visited our relatives.

We went to visit Mommy and she had fallen down some stairs on Wednesday. I told her to go to the doctor but she wouldn’t go, so today when we saw her, her foot looked terrible – it was swollen and bruised and red was spreading almost up to her knee! Albert made her go to the doctor immediately.

After eating Pho for lunch, we went to Palo Alto Medical Center where the Urgent Care was still open.

It turns out that she fractured her leg bone! She said it didn’t hurt which was why she didn’t want to go to the doctor but I knew a friend who broke their foot and walked around for weeks before they found out it was broken!

So I am glad that she went today. There was also a possibility of a skin infection.

I am also glad that she said she is moving up to Davis! It’s a good idea as both my sister and I are here to help if anything should happen. And this way she can be more involved in the lives of her grandchildren here! But it won’t happen til spring of 2009.

Our friend Helen was so nice and picked up the kids from the medical center so that they could hang out at their house. We stopped by and chatted very briefly before heading to Albert’s parents’ house to visit them.

Albert’s cousin is selling us their very very nice violin for a very low price. We are very thankful!

We also had a nice dinner out with Albert’s relatives — a big Chinese banquet.

After that we drove home. There were fires in the hills. I guess it is up north of Sacramento or something. It was quite amazing. We could see the fire burning on the hills, glowing red and smoke pouring out. I tried to take a picture but it was too dark. I later read that thunderstorms sparked as many as 75 wildfires in Northern California.

It looked pretty closeby. I read there was a fire east of Napa, so that was probably the fire we saw. It looked the closest when we were on I-80 driving by Fairfield.

I woke up Daniel (both kids were asleep and Megan wouldn’t wake up) and said, “Daniel, Daniel, look, a fire!” And he said, “Oh… wow…” and then went back to sleep.

After he woke up, I said, “Do you remember the fire you saw?” He said, “No, what fire?” He couldn’t remember a thing!

This is kind of how it looked like — this is NOT the actual fire — I just found this on the web. But it was similar to what the fire looked like, except the hills were taller and the fires on the hills were more widely spaced apart. But it had the red glow with smoke all around, and was bright compared to the darkness around. It was quite an amazing and impressive sight.


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