Fires again

So it turns out the fires we saw yesterday were around Napa and Sonoma and were 10% contained as of this morning.

Here in Davis, the sky is all hazy. You can see the smoke kind of making things misty when you look far away. Probably not the best day to be out and about… plus, it is hot, so we’ve been staying indoors!

Friday and late yesterday, I wrote a new resource for event planners on how to promote events.


I am one of those writers who is not terribly motivated to write unless I know it is helping someone, so the stimulus came when one of the leaders who is involved in my ministry asked me if there were resources on how to promote church events.

Having done a lot of research in my years as an event planner, I hadn’t run across anything, but in my experiences had developed a list that was washing around in my brain.

He asked me if I could put together a one-page summary.

I said, “Sure,” not knowing it would turn into a 10-page document that lists 47 different ways to promote church events!

So now it is available from the business website, SummitStar Press.

I didn’t include on there some of the more unique or different promotional events that I know churches have done, such as:

  • getting hold of a 12-foot blimp and flying it above the church without a permit until the neighbors complained, and then it came down. Total fly time was about two hours. I think it took like one or two hours just to inflate and get up!
  • inflating large bounce houses and putting them by the street to bring attention to an upcoming event. Someone joked maybe there should be a large Tyrannosaurus inflatable slide by the street — because it would be attention-getting. But my take was that it would probably cause accidents.
  • renting big searchlights that move around in the sky.
  • promising a chance to dunk the associate pastor of a church if you attended the event (which I had a hard time getting enthusiastic about because I was the associate pastor).

Oh, I just thought of three other things to add to that document… guess it will be 50 different ways now!

A Yee

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