fires and smoke

The fires around here have been so bad that it looks overcast! I read that today there are 1,088 fires in northern California. I guess the air is considered unhealthy here. It kind of looks like we are in a light fog if you look afar. The Napa and Solano fires (which is causing most of the smoke around here) has burned 4,089 acres, according to an article today.

However, even in the overcast-looking sky, Albert was able to solar cook an entire fillet of salmon! Amazing! We had some for dinner tonight.

When we were driving tonight, I saw the very orange-reddish sun and was reminded of the Bible verse that says the moon will turn to blood in the end times. I wonder if it is because something will happen in the sky? Interesting to think about, but not something I would want to experience!

A Yee

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