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solar bread

Albert used his solar cooker today to bake bread! It was delicious! I was so amazed. It got up to 250 degrees in there – amazing!

He’s been quite the solar cooker lately. He made roasted cha sui (BBQ Chinese pork) the other night and it was better than the oven-baked kind!

He’s made so many dishes I have lost count.

Here’s a picture of the really delicious bread that he made.

It is round and flat because it was baked in a cake pan. But the crust was kind of crunchy and the inside was really soft and moist. It was really good!

Also, this has nothing to do with solar bread, but this was so cute I just had to post it — my sister took this picture of her baby the other day.

Albert’s caption for this picture was, “Oh, what a feeling — Toyota!”

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