Kids' funny quotes

Today Matt, our college pastor, who is helping out with Vacation Bible School, told me the quotes of the day that kids told him. 1. He was teaching about the resurrection of Jesus. One child asked, “Oh! Does that mean Jesus was a zombie?”

Davis symphony

So today Megan went and auditioned for the Davis summer symphony… and made it in!! We were quite amazed, as it is a college-level symphony. I think Megan’s the youngest one in there. 90% are college aged, there are a handful of what look like highschoolers, and then Megan and one other girl look like […]

Me, Myself and Bob

Today, being a day off (because I didn’t get to take my holiday day last week), I tried to stay off the computer most of the day, or I would be tempted to work. So I read Me, Myself and Bob, by Phil Vischer, the creator of VeggieTales.