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July 2008

    Family Life

    Kids' funny quotes

    Today Matt, our college pastor, who is helping out with Vacation Bible School, told me the quotes of the day that kids told him.

    1. He was teaching about the resurrection of Jesus. One child asked, “Oh! Does that mean Jesus was a zombie?”

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  • Events, Ministry

    VBS Day One

    Today our church started the first day of Group Publishing’s Power Labs Vacation Bible School.

  • Graphic Design

    font game

    My husband calls me a font snob. I have a particular dislike for Comic Sans. I love to try to…

  • Family Life

    Davis symphony

    So today Megan went and auditioned for the Davis summer symphony… and made it in!! We were quite amazed, as…

  • Technology

    techie stuff

    I find my time spent in tech stuff frequently. I’m not a tech person but currently work in a lower-tech…

  • Family Life

    hilarious emails

    Our friend Glen has been a huge help as I’ve been working on the small groups ministry, and today he…