baby visit and ice cream field trip

Monday night, Corrie surprised me by calling me and telling me they were downstairs at church playing basketball!

I had to work a little late, and Corrie came up to my office to help with a big postcard-sorting job I was doing.

A huge plus — she brought my cute little nephew along, complete in basketball outfit! He was very sleepy so in pretty short order he fell asleep and started dozing.

He just lay on my tummy while I worked on the computer. It is completely therapeutic having a sleeping baby lying on you when you have to work late!

Of course, it also is great to have a helpful sister keep you company and help out with the complicated project!

The next morning (Tuesday), our family went to a field trip with other homeschoolers to visit a Baskin-Robbins store in Sacramento. There we got to go behind the scenes to see how they run a BR store, and learn the history of how the place came to be and developed.

The manager was a very nice lady who explained that the 31 flavors of Baskin-Robbins is not that they have 31 flavors, but that that there are 31 days in a month to have ice cream. Ohhh!!! I didn’t know that. I had always tried to count the flavors at the shops and could never figure out why it said 31 flavors.

And afterwards, getting a free goody bag and sample ice cream was not too bad too! They let us have a special deal on scoops so we all enjoyed a delicious scoop of ice cream.

It was a very nice family field trip, first one we have done in… 2 years? A long time!

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