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I find my time spent in tech stuff frequently. I’m not a tech person but currently work in a lower-tech environment and am finding myself helping others with technical stuff!

So yesterday I fixed the iPhone mail feature for one of the children’s ministry staff.

Today I was happy to help the senior pastor try out video chat.

Today I was part of the process of signing up the college pastor for AIM and figuring out how video chat would work from AIM. (Well, he figured it out himself, I was the test hamster.)

And then tonight I was happy to discover how to sync iCal with Google Calendar. This now solves our family calendar problems, where I am the main keeper of the calendar but Albert is the main runner in taking the kids to lessons and activities and needed to sync his calendar with mine. So there is a neat program called BusySync that we are trying out… and it works like a charm!

I have my calendars on iCal:

And after syncing, everything shows up in Google Calendar:

And now whenever Albert adds something into the Google Calendar, or I add something in iCal, it all syncs together! Even better, if I add something on my iPhone, it shows up in iCal and then in Google Calendar. Gotta love technology!

Actually, trying to get the calendars to sync took quite a lot of research and web surfing.

  • First I found the new version of Plaxo is supposed to sync your calendars for free. Apparently, this feature is unreliable and doesn’t work any more, based on more recent posts in the forum.
  • Then I saw there is a $65 program called Spanning Sync. I really can’t afford $65. End of this lead.
  • Then there is a site that requires coding and technical stuff that I didn’t really understand. So that didn’t work.
  • Then I tried out publishing the iCal calendar to Google Calendar. But you can’t edit.
  • Then I tried subscribing to a Google Calendar using iCal. But you can’t edit that either.

So in the end, BusySync worked the best, although it does cost $20. But we figure it is worth it, based on how crazy our fall is going to be, with Daniel in fencing twice a week, Megan in 2 orchestras, Megan taking violin lessons, both kids taking piano lessons, I’ll be taking a seminary class, Albert will be a part-time professor, and the usual church/life/family events that go on. $20 is a worthwhile investment to manage our lives!

So yesterday I was told I was officially inducted into the “UCC Geek Squad” where I work. Not sure I deserve that badge but I sure feel honored!

And tomorrow the new video camera comes in and we get to play with it and try out the green screen! How fun!

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