In Which I Do Dumb Things When I Am Tired

When one is in a state of tiredness, it is really quite amazing how bodily and brain functions just slow to molasses.

I am totally not a morning person, but consecutive days of getting up early (which I define before 8 am) has started to take its toll on me, since I usually stay up til midnight or 1 am or later getting stuff done.

You would think I would just go to bed earlier, but that’s more easily said than done when I naturally see those hours as some of my most productive hours in the day!

So today I:

  • Knocked over my water bottle and poured water all over my office phone. Amazingly, it didn’t short out, and continued to work just fine!
  • After cleaning it up, I once again accidentally knocked it over. Yet another clean up session. Fortunately it was just water!
  • I took minutes for our Ministry Director’s meeting, went home, went with the family to Daniel’s fencing lessons, worked some more, went home, ate dinner, went to visit my sister, went home and did bills. And suddenly a thought occurred to me… did I sent those minutes off? I thought I did but maybe I didn’t. Checked my “sent box.” No sign of an email sent to everyone. Perhaps I didn’t send it. But I could have sworn I did! So I sent it off again… and still wonder if people are getting two copies!
  • A friend was telling me about someone that they knew that went to a certain church and send me the link to the church’s website. I spent a long time looking at the website. A few minutes later I asked, “What church do they go to?”
  • Same friend was telling me that the person had a college degree. A few minutes later I asked, “So did they get a degree?” Then I realized I had asked that question already.
  • I was walking in a narrow hallway and felt extremely clumsy. Stepped on my poor son’s toes multiple times.
  • And then I proceeded to walk into the wall.

Yes, being tired does cause one to do Dumb Things that one would never be caught doing if one were fully alert!

A Yee

Angela Yee is a professional designer (graphic design, stage design, interior design — and teaches leadership skills at

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