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I am really terrible at self-promotion… which is why I don’t really sell very many books. People who are great at promotion and marketing really have a gift, and are usually quite successful.

Being a terrible self-promoter, I thought it was quite brilliant of National Outreach Convention to suggest that I mention the upcoming conference where I will be speaking. For some reason, it never crosses my mind to mention where I will be speaking, as self-promotion is no fun to me. But I am very good at following directions, so I’m glad they suggested it! I’m looking forward to the opportunity to speak on planning outreach events.

The National Outreach Convention promises to be a great conference! There’s a pretty awesome lineup of keynote and workshop speakers there…. some that were at the Thrive conferences I coordinated! Francis Chan, Craig Groeschel, Miles McPherson and Lincoln Brewster, for example. But there are more awesome speakers too!

NOC does an outstanding job promoting their convention. They are light years ahead of where I was when it came to promoting conferences (part of it due to the fact that we never had a full-time marketing person on staff for our conference of 2000 people!). They put together a webinar schedule where you can preview some of the speakers and hear about what’s up and coming… for free!

My topic will be “Plan and Produce World-Class Outreach Events.” Having been at a churches of 30-70 people coordinating outreach events, to a church of 10,000 coordinating outreach events, this talk will be applicable to churches of all sizes.

Although I’m not longer Events Director and now serve in an Associate Pastor role, I’m finding that in this new role, events are somehow ending up on my plate. (…could be because I keep raising my hand when they ask who wants to help…) Currently I’m working on 30 Neighborhood Parties that are the first step in helping our congregation outreach to the community. In a few weeks, I’ll be serving at our Vacation Bible School. In the fall, we’ll be doing the Alpha Course. It’s fun to put the past events experience to work in my new church, which is a midsized church compared to the other churches I have been at.

There will be lots of practical stuff, pictures, ideas, and handouts to take home. I’m looking forward to meeting people and love to hear what other churches are doing.

Hope you can make it!

A Yee

Angela Yee is a professional designer (graphic design, stage design, interior design — and teaches leadership skills at

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