This weekend our family went down to the Bay Area. Albert’s sister and bro-in-law used some points to get us a hotel room at the very nice Palo Alto Westin Hotel, a four-star hotel. Wow! Thanks, Jack and Aud!

We got to watch the Olympics (for the first time, other than the tape we saw of the opening ceremonies). It was a relaxing evening and I slept better than I would have had we stayed at his parents’ house (lots of kids, noise, and light). Only woke up maybe 3 or 4 times, which is about normal for me these days. Disturbed sleep at night…

Anyway, last night (Saturday) we went to the wedding of Albert’s cousin Dana to a guy named Joe, who everyone says looks like Albert (though I don’t think they look alike!). Dana looked beautiful… I remember meeting her when she was 6 years old or something. Wow, time sure has flown on by!

The wedding was at the Saratoga Country Club, a beautiful locale up in the hills so you could look out from above. The florist hung live flowers from the gazebo and scattered purple petals on the aisle leading up to the gazebo.

Here’s a picture of Dana and her dad, Dan, walking in.

I love my Nikon 200mm lens!! It zooms in and takes such great pictures I wouldn’t be able to get otherwise!

It’s been ages since we’ve taken a Yee family photo, so here it is! Left to right: Albert’s sister Audrey, her son Matthew, her husband Jack, Daniel, Albert’s mom Maxine, Megan, Dad Kane, me, Jack and Aud’s son Noah, and Albert. Both Matthew and Noah are each 1 year older than our respective kids.

After the wedding, there was a really nice buffet dinner – the table was beautiful! There were so many different kinds of salad, fruit, entrees including chicken and prime rib, scalloped potatoes, rice pilaf, etc. etc. It was totally delicious. Here’s a picture of part of the buffet table — you can’t see the back of it with the cheese and bread trays, fruit, and entrees.

And of course, the cake was beautiful! We didn’t get a chance to sample any of it though… we had to leave because we had to go back to Davis because I had to work this morning.

We didn’t start eating dinner til 9 pm so we left quite late. To make things worse, there was a terrible accident on I-80 right outside of Dixon and we were stuck in that traffic jam for 55 minutes. We were going 2-3 miles per hour. So we got home like almost 1 in the morning!

Dragged myself out of bed this morning to go to church. No official duties, but it was good to worship and then I attended the Threshold (20s-30s) group since my goal has been to check out all the adult ed groups and this was the last one. It was great to join them and discuss thoughts about knowing God’s will.

Naptime and then Megan and I went over to organize Karen Nielsen’s kitchen. Megan did the drawers and I did the pantry and we had a blast chatting with Karen while getting things organized!

Today is Albert’s 43rd birthday!! It was a very low-key birthday as he prefers. We had Ramen for lunch and Soba noodles for dinner, what he wanted, and a very relaxing time together as a family.

Now tomorrow is back to work! Hard to believe…

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  1. corriespondent - August 18, 2008

    Happy birthday, Albert!

    Wow – Matthew and Noah are so old-looking! We haven’t seen them for a while.

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