Family fencing

This past Thursday, Megan tried out fencing for the first time. Albert had given her some coaching tips, so she wasn’t a total beginner, but it was her official first start since most of it was new.

She followed the footsteps of her brother Daniel, who has been fencing around 2 months at this point.

Since Albert fenced about 20 years ago in college, this means that now I’m the only non-fencer in the family. I see this as a benefit. After all, someone has to take all the pictures!

Well it appears that Megan is a natural, based on comments I heard. And she finds it fun, to boot! So now everyone in the family is getting tons of exercise besides me. Something I need to work on.

Then on Saturday, Daniel participated in his first fencing tournament. Albert was waffling on the fence, but in the end decided to do it when he found out another adult would be fencing in the tournament.

The first part of the tournament is when they seat the competitors, having everyone play against each other to find out who is ranked what. Albert got ranked first! So the first round ended up being him and Daniel facing off against each other. I’ve heard of family conflict, but this is carrying things a little too far!

There are four judges that stand at the four corners to decide if the hit is off target or not. Daniel’s good friend Stephen is judging in the picture above. Below, Albert gets ready to fence.

And here, Daniel gets ready.

Here’s my husband with his helmet off. Sure gets hot under all that equipment!

And here’s the father-son duo!

In the end, Albert tied for a bronze medal, which was pretty amazing, considering he just picked up fencing this past week and is just starting to get into shape again! I was proud of both Albert and Daniel participating in the tournament!

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  1. Pete Sung - September 10, 2008

    Cool, now I know who to call on next time I plan to pirate a ship and need some extra swashbucklers! Hey those pictures are nice. Are you into photography? We just got a Canon 40D a few months ago and have been trying to learn about photography. Perhaps you could give us some pointers!

  2. Angela Yee - September 12, 2008

    Sure – that would be fun! 🙂

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