My daughter's 12!

It is hard to believe my baby girl has now turned 12! Time has just flown on by!

I am so glad God blessed me with a wonderful daughter. It’s a little scary how much she has turned out like me! It’s actually quite amusing how much Daniel takes after Albert and Megan takes after me….

I had to work most of the day and Albert started teaching physics at William Jessup University today, so it didn’t feel like a birthday celebration.

But at Junior High, the group surprised Megan with a cake! It was also a significant evening for her, as today was Megan’s first time playing keyboard with a band.

And afterwards, we had a little impromptu party with the Nielsens late at night (this is what happens when most of the parents are night owls!), over some ice cream pie. Megan refused candles so we had a candleless ice cream pie and sang happy birthday anyway.

Albert entertained us with physics lessons. Yes, my husband is a born engineer. We learned about inertia and items falling at the speed of gravity. (And earlier, during dinner, while the kids were gone, Albert took some mochi and squeezed it around so that it became a pair of lips laughing, crying, and smiling. He had me laughing so hard. Good thing the kids were gone — he is a terrible example of how you’re not supposed to play with your food.)

So Megan ended up with a nice bday! Here’s a group shot (except Albert, who was taking the picture):

We are thankful for the friends God has given to us!

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  1. Pete Sung - September 10, 2008

    That’s so cool that Megan is a “mini-Ang.” Sorry we missed the b-day. We definitely wish we could spend more time with the Yees, but perhaps now is not the time…yet. Glad we can easily connect via blog!

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