Organizing prayer requests on the iPhone

Well, this probably is not the most typical of posts you would see about the iPhone, but since I love to organize, and I love to pray, and I love my iPhone…. seems like it would be a good topic! And since just today I discovered how to take screenshots of my iPhone (press home button and power button at the same time – Apple just thinks of everything!), I decided to try posting about this new prayer system.

I spent a lot of time browsing the web app store for just the right application, since I didn’t see any free prayer-request tracking ones. (Not only do I love to integrate technology into my life, but I’m also cheap.)

I downloaded some note apps and some task apps and tried out a couple. In the end, this solution worked best.

The app I chose was EasyTask Manager, for multiple reasons. 1) It was free. (Very important!) 2) It allowed tasks to be kept in categories. In fact, it has two different ways of categorizing things: projects and contexts (think of locations, like home, work, etc.).

I group my prayer requests into daily and weekly requests. So I created in the “projects” are a folder for each day. I put a number in front of the days so they would show in order.

The “daily” area actually has two categories – one for all the daily requests, and one for my kids. The list for my kids has a character trait request for each day of the month, so that every day I pray for a different aspect of their development. I believe the list was originally from an article in Focus on the Family’s magazine, many many many years ago. I have been praying through this list since they were born, I believe. God has answered graciously with two very wonderful children! (Day 1 was actually prayer for their salvation, and once they committed their lives to Christ I changed to praying for their future spouses.)

The rest of the days I break down by last name so that requests are distributed throughout the week. To add a request, I just click “add task.” Here I’ve added a request for our executive pastor and soon-to-be-created search team for a new children’s ministry director for our church:

Project: the day I pray for this item on a weekly basis.

Context: whether this request is a daily or weekly item. I guess I don’t really need to use this, but I did anyway.

Start date: when I start praying for it.

End date: when I end praying.

Importance: I don’t use this.

Notes: updates to the prayer or any answers.

Before when the prayer was answered, I would check “completed.” But then I realized after that I couldn’t access any of the information any more. So from now on I will create a project called “Archive” and move any requests here.

Or, I could go the paper route and just record these requests in the “answered prayer” notebook that I have and then delete the task.

Since I’ve only been doing this a week, not everything’s worked out. But so far, this system has worked great for me because I always have my phone with me and can do my prayer time at home or at church!

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