Gold Rush Days

Today was a full day for our family and a couple of others: the Nielsens, Meyers, and Looneys. 3 of the four families had family members on the worship team (the Looneys had two!), so we were at church for both services. Stacy did special music solo to “Hungry” and did a wonderful job.

After church, we ate a quick lunch and all had a rendezvous at the Nielsens. Karen demonstrated Hula to us while Keith played the 3 chords he knew on the ukelele. (I was so impressed by both of them!)

Then it took quite a while for us to sort who was going to go in what van. It was on the difficulty level of trying to organize the Olympics because no one was in charge. I found it quite fascinating.

Then we all headed off to Old Sacramento, where they converted the area to Gold Rush Days. I guess it is something like 28 acres or something. The usual cobblestone roads were all covered in dirt — they must have trucked it in.

They had the steam train going to get rides but we only watched it go by.

There were many people dressed up in costume. There were a bunch of tents in an area they recreated to show the military. One guy talked at length about weapons.

This exhibit was one the kids found the most fascinating. They stood around there a long time learning.

There was a crafts section – how to make wool, ropes (which I thought was incredibly clever and cool) and other crafty things.

We also watched a movie on how the Mormons helped start the gold rush, which I thought was interesting how everything was from a Mormon point of view. Later I remembered reading somewhere that the Mormons started this event or something….

There were many other interesting things to look at. There was a pharmacy, kitchen area, many other things. We ended up at the panning for gold section, where the kids got all involved and the parents were tired and sat in chairs talking.

There were 3 long streets. With such a large group, we only made it to 1 but I think it was the most interesting area, based on the brochure. The best part was the opportunity to talk to people and get to know them better.

All the kids had “buddies” to pair up with so they wouldn’t get lost. Daniel and Megan ended up being together. However, Daniel wanted to look at weapons and Megan wanted to look at crafts… so the partnership wasn’t really ideal in terms of interest. But I am thankful they are still great buddies!

In the end, we asked a stranger to take a group shot… but he accidentally cut Albert out of the picture! Sigh… It was kind of funny… he took a picture of us before everyone was even ready and was ready to walk away, and we made him go back and take a picture of everyone actually looking at the camera! I guess he wasn’t very experienced at taking pictures.

After that we all crashed the Looney’s house (invited ourselves over) for pizza dinner and hung out in the evening and didn’t go home til 8-ish.

So it was a long day for everyone — but it was awesome! What a great group of people! I really enjoyed getting to know them and hanging out together.

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