Group Life kickoff

Today was Group Life Sunday, our first go-around to have an all-church effort on people joining small groups.

Personally, it was hugely rewarding as it really felt like a team effort with the Group Life team, senior pastor, support staff, communications director, worship director and other helpful people!

We put together a Group Life directory that lists the open small groups that people can join.

Each bulletin had an insert for daily reading questions to ponder on during the week, as well as a card for the memory verse for the week. Optionally, people could go pick up a booklet of all the questions for the rest of the sermon series (a five-week series).

Small group leaders could pick up a booklet that had small group discussion questions (the cover kind of looked like the daily reading guide). I helped write the questions for this booklet (Jamie did all the daily reading and gave me a framework for the small group questions).

We also provided a DVD for all the leaders to play — a 7-minute intro by Jamie each week before the small group discussion begins. (5 videos in all, with an additional shorter intro video.)

During the service, we played a promo video, and introduced the directory, highlighting a few groups. We took a minute to have everyone fill out a registration card — current and new attendees.

There was a tent out in the patio we called “Grand Central,” where small groups could drop off flyers for their group and where people could go and ask questions.

Jamie preached a great sermon on The Anchor of Community.

Response was highly positive. A number of small groups are doing the study (not sure exact numbers yet… waiting to hear back). I pray that God would use this in a great way to stimulate spiritual growth in our congregation!

And I am personally excited as I will be in a small group starting this coming Friday!

This is why I love my job… a chance to help people grow spiritually, use graphic design, video editing, leadership, team effort, Bible study (writing questions in this case), and prayer… and seeing God work! (I also learned how to use the new Apple iDVD program with its cool functions!

It was a push trying to get this all done in one week… but next week things will get back to a more normal pace. 🙂

A Yee

Angela Yee is a professional designer (graphic design, stage design, interior design — and teaches leadership skills at

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  1. Pete Sung - September 11, 2008

    Glad to hear the small group thing got off to such a great start. The brochures look very nice! Sounds like you put the DVD stuff together too. How do you like using the Mac for stuff? We’re thinking about getting a new laptop cuz our Dell seems to always have some kind of issue. We’re considering a Mac. Any suggestions?

  2. Angela Yee - September 12, 2008

    I loooove having a Mac. I have been a Mac user from the very beginning, as well as a PC user, but my heart’s with the Mac. 🙂

    It depends on what you want to use your Mac for. Because I do a lot of graphics and video and work in two locations (at church and at home), it was important for me to have a laptop. I have a MacBook Pro. But if you work from one place, a desktop is totally fine too.

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