Space hog

My Macbook Pro has a 120GB hard drive. You would think that’s plenty of space but I always seem to be deleting and moving stuff off.

Over the weeks, my hard drive free space has been dwindling. It hovered around 19GB, down to 17GB. Then, after making all these graphic files, it went down to 9 GB.

Then I emptied my trash and it went back to 17GB. Oops, I guess I hadn’t emptied it in a while!

The other day, I worked on our “Anchored” DVD project:

  • Total of about 40 minutes of video.
  • Total space that project took up: 15.05 GB.
  • One 7-minute video was 1.54 GB!

By the time I was ready to burn a DVD, my hard drive space was down to 3.54 GB. Then it dipped to 2.96 GB and said, “There is not enough space.”

Sad day!

A friend of mine calls me a “space hog.” Oink oink, that’s me. (Fellow video/graphics people will totally understand why I am always short on space!) I still have some documents on here from my past 2 jobs… and the funny thing is that I still regularly get messages from both locations asking me to send files!

This morning I tried to download an app to my iPhone. A message immediately popped up.

“Your phone is full. Please delete some items.”

Wahhhhhhh!!!!! Back to purging…..

A Yee

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