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Last week I helped design a t-shirt for our church’s college group. It was recently renamed and Matt, the college pastor, wanted to do a t-shirt to kick off the fall.

He’s doing a series about “10 Things I Love About Jesus,” and came up with a list to put on the back of the shirt.

I tried to picture college students walking around the campus with a long list like this and didn’t think it was going to be too eye-catching. So I suggested coming up with a graphic that would rotate the words around and add interesting. Matt wasn’t exactly sure what I was talking about, so I went home and whipped up a design to show him what I meant.

When he saw it, his eyes lit up and said, “Now I get what you mean!” He thought it would be great how people might be curious and look more carefully to try to figure out what the back of the t-shirt says.

Most people think design is about making something look nice. But actually it’s all about communication!

9-27 addendum: Got the completed shirt yesterday! Here it is with the completed designs.

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