Megan's first symphony

It’s been awfully busy lately so I haven’t done a good job keeping on top of my posts, but finally after a couple of days of concentrated focus in getting stuff done, I am feeling a bit more caught up! So this news is a little old, but definitely important! 🙂

The Event Worth Mentioning is that my daughter played in her first symphony performance with the UC Davis Summer Symphony.

Here’s the symphony. I’ve circled Megan in red. Most of the people in the orchestra are adults. There were a few high schoolers and junior highers. I think Megan was the youngest. It’s kind of funny that because she is probably the smallest person on the orchestra, I thought her violin looked really big against her in comparison to the other violin players!

There are some bass players cut off at the right. There were a lot of bass players!

Here’s Megan, playing with the full symphony. (The first piece was strings only.)

All of her clothes were borrowed from me… sure saved a bundle wearing Mom’s clothes, shoes and socks! It was a little baggy on her but it is sad to me that my little girl is growing up and can wear my clothes!

The Megan Fan Club took up quite a bit of one row. Albert, me, and the Nielsens: Gracie, Hannah, Stephen, Karen, and Glen.

On the other side were Daniel and my mom. This is a great shot of them! My mom came up all the way from the Bay Area just to be there for this momentous occasion.

Not pictured are Steve and Corrie (who took these pictures! The photographer never gets in the pictures!).

Megan (and the symphony, of course) did a great job. I’m sure my dad was watching from heaven…. being a huge classical music fan, he would have been thrilled to see his granddaughter performing in a symphony!

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