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mathematically challenged

It is no surprise to my family that I am mathematically challenged.

Math was never my strong point in school. Of all the math classes I took (up to pre-calc in college), my favorite was geometry, because I got to use different-colored pens to draw pictures (sine waves and cubic solids). I know I wasn’t supposed to spend so much time drawing in shapes, and certainly not a lot of time shading them in to make them look three-dimensional, but I suppose this was just an early sign of my future as a graphic designer.

So a few months back it was my turn to cut the square pan of brownies into equal parts for our family (four of us total). I quickly cut them up and proudly presented them to my family.

Albert said, “Uh… there are four of us. You didn’t cut them equally.”

I said, “Sure I did! 3 on one side and 4 on the other! That makes 12!”

Albert said, “You cut 3×3. That is 9.”

I looked at the pan and was horrified to discover he was right! 9 is not divisible by four. My family has never let me live it down and watches me carefully when it is my turn to cut the brownies.

Yesterday I measured Daniel and discovered he is 5′-5″! Wow! My son sure has grown! I said to him, “I can’t believe you are 5 inches taller than me!”

Daniel said, “I’m not 5 inches taller than you. I am 2 inches taller than you.”

I stared off into space as my mind made some mental gymnastics and then I said, ‘Oh yeah. I am 5’-3″.” (Sheepish grin.)

Good thing I am a graphic designer, not a mathematician.

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