aging in reverse: becoming a year younger in one day

I blogged before about my mathematical challenges. So here is another example.

I am not a person who cares if people know my age. I always answer if someone asks me how old I am, and have always done that all my life.

So, yesterday someone asked about my age and I said 42. Then today I was thinking… wait a minute. If I am 42, that means Albert is 44, and I don’t remember him turning 44. Is he really 44? Wow! When did that happen?

Then I had a sudden thought. What if I’m not 42?

So I got out my calculator (forget trying to subtract four places worth of numbers!)… and to my shock discovered I am actually 41 years old! All these months I have been thinking I am 42… and I am really 41!

So there were two sudden realizations I had:

1. I am a full year younger than I thought I was! The feeling of age and tiredness have suddenly fallen away.
2. I really am bad at math. I can’t believe I got such good grades in math in school. It was a total miracle.

If I could find a way to market this, just imagine all the money I could make to help people feel younger!

However, the Nielsens came over tonight and I made brownies. There were 4 of them and 4 of us, and I cut it into 9 pieces, enough for all of us. That was a proud moment! (Yes, I am 41 years old and can’t even cut brownies to the right quantity…. quite pathetic! Must celebrate the small victories.) 🙂

A Yee

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