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Today was Megan’s first performance with the Classic Orchestra. There are four different levels of orchestra. Starting with Vivace, then Classic, then Academic, then Premier.

Megan has only been playing violin two years and had never been in an orchestra before, so we were very surprised she got into the Classic Orchestra. She went from being in no orchestras to being in three! She also joined the UC Davis Summer Symphony and the Junior High Orchestra with the local school. (Now she is only in two, as the summer symphony ended, as it is no longer summer.)

It is so interesting that Megan loves playing the violin so much, as I played violin for three years as a child and it was like pulling teeth. I found absolutely no love for the violin and it showed as I was squeaky and awful-sounding.

But my daughter LOVES violin. She loves it so much that for the junior high orchestra, kids get extra credit points for practicing and she racked up 1200 extra points. (Too bad that you can only max out at 100!). The other day she practiced 3 hours on her own, plus 2 hours of orchestra. Wow. That sure blows me out of the water when it comes to practicing!

(Quote from Daniel: “She practiced 10 hours that week, which is like having a full time job!” Me: “That’s not a full-time job.” Daniel: “I mean a full time job as in how much a person works in one day.”)

So today was her first performance with the orchestra, and my first experience as a volunteer. All parents are required to work 10 hours. Doing setup and menial tasks doesn’t sound too exciting, so I volunteered to run the front of house (lobby and doors) for the event. This meant that a brand new volunteer who had no clue what she was doing was overseeing other volunteers, some who were brand new also and had no clue what was going on.

But all went well and I felt like I was back at my old job doing events (though it was low key and easy. Half my job was figuring out what needed to be done). It was fun working with the volunteers and meeting some very nice parents! Two more concerts to go this year…

I was quite impressed by the quality of the performances. Even the Vivace group, which had a bunch of cute little kids, did an outstanding job. This past Tuesday I left Megan’s rehearsal going, “Oooooohhhh boy, they do NOT sound ready for a performance!” But today they sounded great!!! Megan’s teacher said it was the best he had ever heard the Classic Orchestra in nine years! And that’s with 70% of the orchestra being brand new!

Here’s a picture:

Love how my 80-200 lens can capture clearly the pictures even though we were sitting halfway back in the auditorium!



All the kids had to wear white tops and black bottoms and I made Megan try out three shirts and three undershirts yesterday. My daughter is wearing my clothes! Wahhhh…. kids just grow up too quickly! Afterwards she was quite relaxed and happy and watching in rapt attention as the Academic Orchestra performed.


(The fact that I broke my 28-80 lens on my Nikon SLR has led to the ridiculous lengths I go to get pictures. The top picture was taken with our little Sony point-and-shoot camera, the middle two with my 80-200 Nikon lens, and the bottom one on my iPhone!)

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