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In which a baby picks logos

I’ve been working this week on a new logo for our church. It’s been a long process of discussion with the branding team, but last week and this finally began the actual logo design phase. The branding team had a couple meetings, and called an impromptu one this one because it was too hard to make decisions over email.

The choice of logo seemed to be fairly easy as there was one that stood out to everyone as being the best choice. But colors… that was another matter. We voted and came out dead even.

Since my family was over for Thanksgiving, I asked them all to vote too! (Even though their votes didn’t count.) Funny thing was that they all chose pretty close to the ones that I chose. Another member of the team asked his family, and his family all chose the ones that he liked. I’m sure somebody out there has done a study of family biases when it comes to logo design.

Then someone noticed that my little baby nephew had not voted. This was apparently unacceptable as a member of the family was being excluded.

So, we printed out the logos and lined them up on the floor (they’ve been blurred since the logo has not yet been presented):


My sister put her son a ways back right in the center. He instantly took interest in the right side and rotated over and started galumphing forward. (He hasn’t learned to quite crawl yet but recently started getting mobile.)


And the winners were the logos to the right! The one he picked first was the logo nobody liked.


Hard decision to make… must ponder the choices…


Forget it — decision is too hard to make. Let’s eat the logos instead.


In the end he went one by one down the logos and tasted them all. We had very limp and wet papers to clean up and decided it would be better if some other leaders made the decision.

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    I still think we should have had his votes be the last three uncrumpled-eaten ones. 🙂

    November 28, 2008 at 2:27 pm
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