A variety of design projects

Life has been pretty busy lately. I’ve been swamped under by projects these past few weeks. Here’s just a sampling of a couple of them:

Thanksgiving sermon graphic. Someone suggested a cornucopia as a joke, as there’s another person on the team who doesn’t like cornucopias. I didn’t know so I made a cornucopia slide, but it got nixed. This one’s a lot better anyway.


Christmas series “Wonder” title graphic. This was actually made on the plane flight back from Chicago in October, collaborating with two other guys on the branding team. We worked on the series title and graphic at once. However, this week I put the PowerPoint template together.


We made postcard invites for the congregation to give out to people.

Christmas Eve banner (24 feet long!). The final Photoshop file was 1.54 GB large and took about 15 minutes to open! All in all that project took up about 7 GB of space on my hard drive. Good thing I got a larger hard drive!

Unfortunately the banner doesn’t match our series title, but that is because we are planning to reuse this banner every year (assuming our service times don’t change!).


The other big project last week was overseeing the decor effort at our church. It was fun to put creative brain cells to work!

We made wreaths, as the previous wreaths had little ribbons that couldn’t be seen from far away. So they were stripped bare and replaced with large ornaments that made more of an impact.


Here’s the completed wreath being hung. Picture quality’s not so great because I took if off the phone.


It was a nervous moment watching Keith, our worship director, climb up and hang the wreath, as it was maybe 10-15 feet off the ground. It was even more nervous when I climbed up there to fluff the bow, as I have a fear of heights!

We also had live Christmas trees and hung lights, as there was no budget for ornaments. (You can see the wreaths on the side.)


The lobby also had a wreath, this one with smaller ornaments as they are seen closer up. (The picture is a little green due to the florescent lights. After we take everything down I’ll take pictures. Also, this time I didn’t have a chance to get up on the ladder so the bow is a little askew, but I’m trying hard not to be a perfectionist…. really!)


We also hung garland and made sprays for the lamps, which I will take pictures of later. Keith was a total trooper and did all the hard work of hanging things, and running to Home Depot and risking his life climbing ladders and having the large Christmas tree fall over on him. (In his words, “I’m just Angela’s construction lackey.”) It was also great fun getting to know a few of the ladies who came in to help. What a great way to get to know people, just sitting around twisting wires around a wreath and chatting!

I find it kind of interesting that my team was in charge of decor at my previous job, a project I did not like at all (all logistics, scissors lift, shopping, cleaning, and picking up trees that fell over). But this time it was a blast… no doubt because there was a chance to be creative!

Since neither design nor decor isn’t part of my actual job description (just a creative passion of mine), I’m also working long hours juggling my other responsibilities. Our Alpha course just finished this past week and it was so cool to hear how God was working in people’s lives and a number of people have come to faith in Christ as a result! It made the many weeks of work worth it. But my family and I sure will be glad to be home together Sunday nights again!

I’m also coordinating the effort for 40 Days of Community, which we are starting up in January. We are excited to see what God does in the life of the church as we are focusing more on helping people develop community.

And other projects are going on as well…. at least there is never a dull moment!

A Yee

Angela Yee is a professional designer (graphic design, stage design, interior design — angelayeedesign.com) and teaches leadership skills at strategysketchnotes.com.

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  1. corriespondent - December 9, 2008

    Looks great! Our church has an announcement at church asking people to stay after services or to come the next day to help… many hands make light work!

  2. Pete - December 9, 2008

    Nice work Ang! I like the designs on your graphics. They’re simple, yet has style and clear presentation. I guess I’m usually a “minimalist” type so your subtle and modern designs work with me. Room decor, however, is not my forte. But from the pics, I see you’ve got the eye. Good job!

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