Another daily planner system

Well those of you who know me know that I get easily bored with my organizational systems and am constantly reinventing. So here’s the one that I’ve been using the past month that has been working on quite well.

As I mentioned in a previous post on organizing, I use the online to-do site called Gubb is great at tracking all the different categories and projects going on. However, one drawback I found was that I couldn’t track scheduled tasks. For example, if in the morning I wanted to work on A, B, and C, there was no way to do this easily, other than create a bright red box that said, “NOW” and move things to it that I was working on.

Being a paper lover, I created a weekly form to put down my scheduled tasks. I’m a big lover of Rollabind (or Circa) products, so I added these sheets to my notebook.

Then I got out my little 1 x 2 stickies and started writing tasks on them. But they were too big, so eventually I cut them in half and now they are perfect!. I stick them on the blocks of time where I will be working on those tasks.


Because I like to keep my notebook folded over, I also took an overhead transparency and punched it and that covers each page so that I can keep my notebook folded open and the stickies won’t get stuck on something else. Here’s a photo to show you that the transparency is indeed there, because you can’t tell from the above photo.


What I like to do is to put the high priority items for the week on a half-sheet of cardstock (the red sheet above). This keeps my higher priority tasks in front of me all the time. Then I can move them to whatever time block I plan on working on them.

Because Rollabind allows me to move pages easily, I move my red card stock up and down so that the current day is available.

I found I wanted an easily accessible way to access my blank stickies, but after drooling over the Levenger case and finding it a bit out of my budget, I made a cheap version of a half sheet of card stock folded in half. I tuck it into a pocket divider I’ve put into my binder.


The rest of my binder has divider tabs blank paper to take notes, dividers for current projects, and a 2009 Compact Calendar sheet from David Seah (if you like forms to get organized, you have to check out his amazing website!), and other various sheets as needed.

The best part of this is when I’m done with a task I get to peel off the sticky and throw it away (into recycling, of course). I love tossing things… er, recycling things. So there is a great feeling of triumph and fulfillment!

If that was all too much to read, in a nutshell my system is:

  • Use to catch all the tasks that need to be done.
  • Review gubb list and write tasks I need to work on this week on sticky notes. (Or if a scheduled task comes up right now that I know I will work on this week, I write it directly on a sticky note.)
  • Put sticky note directly on time block when I will work on it. Or, put on red cardstock sheet for items that need to be done this week.
  • If I don’t get it done, I move it to the next day. Beats rewriting!
  • Toss note when done!
A Yee

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  1. corriespondent - December 31, 2008

    I think we must have the same organizational system revamp gene. By the time we’re done, we can publish a book together called “101 different organizational systems: You’re sure to find something that works for you! And something different the next year after that!”

  2. Angela Yee - December 31, 2008

    Well apparently we must have the same genes because I had the same idea for a book like that! Ha ha! Well, I guess it does make sense… since we’re sisters. 🙂

  3. officesupplygeek - January 1, 2009

    I like the idea with the sticky notes, I’ll probably give this a try with my Levenger Circa notebook. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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