Christmas Eve Service

Our church, University Covenant Church, had three Christmas Eve services. Since this was my first time attending, I really didn’t know what to expect. They were great!! Wonderful job done by all, from the music to the drama, children’s story reading, message, video, etc.

Our band started out with the Transiberian Orchestra’s “Christmas in Sarajevo.” First time we did something like this… turned out pretty well considering we all wished we had more time to practice it, and that we did it 100% live with no loops or background tracks! Instrumentation was two electric guitars, violinist, 2 keyboards (I played those), 1 bass player, 1 drummer. (Unfortunately there are not any good pictures of the band, as there are many stands in the way which make it hard to get a good shot. But here are a couple shot by Glen.)

Here’s Keith, our worship director, who worked many long hours getting this service ready!


This is Joan, our violin player.


We had a drama. Matt and John did an excellent job. The picture’s a little blurry due to the low lighting conditions.


Karen did a great job with the story reading. She would be a great voice on an animated movie!


Jamie, our senior pastor, talked about the message, “Why am I so favored?”


The service ended with a candlelighting.


The service was a great way to celebrate the reason we even have Christmas: God’s incredible gift of his Son, born as a baby. It’s a pretty amazing thing to think that not God’s love is so great that He gave this gift freely. There is no better reason to get together and celebrate!

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