Jewelry projects

Here’s a gallery of some of the pieces I’ve been working on. I like simple, non-gaudy jewelry. I’ve started selling on and will be putting more pieces up as I get time to make more.

Here’s one I made for Corrie, my sister, for Christmas, made of silver-lined glass beads with sterling silver beads on top:


These are made with mother-of-pearl I love this turquoise color!


These earrings are made with dichroic glass. I love the iridescent look of dichroic glass.


The smaller beads on top are dichroic, the crackly-looking bead is glass, multi-hued on two sides (green and yellow).


These are also made with mother-of-pearl, in an iridescent light lime green color, accented with a crystal bead above.


These beads look somewhat three-dimensional in the light, a bead floating within a bead.


My first earring/necklace set, made with pink crystals, pearls, and gold-plated fluted beads. I’ll have to retake this photo with a different colored background as the pink doesn’t show up very well here and the brown background gives everything an orange cast



And the last mother-of-pearl earrings with crystal beads.

I’ve also started learning my Nikon SLR camera better. Today I learned how to use manual mode better — how to adjust white balance, metering, f-stops and shutter speed. Before I went digital, I had an all-manual camera, but after getting this fancy one, I never learned where all the controls were and have been quite lazy using automatic mode much of the time!

Unfortunately I don’t own any lights (all we have are florescent lights!) so have to wait for sunny days and put up scrap pieces of paper as reflectors (we’re low budget here). The backgrounds in the photos are various colored suede papers that I have had lying around for a long time — quite handy for jewelry backgrounds! Hopefully over time I will learn to take more consistent photos so there’s not so much variation in color balance and contrast. But I’m kind of at the mercy of the weather… when the sun goes behind even a little bit of cloud, suddenly there’s a cool cast to the photos. So I take a break til the cloud goes away. Not really an efficient way to photograph.

So there’s been a lot of experimenting that went on — it’s fun feeding the creative side again!

A Yee

Angela Yee is a professional designer (graphic design, stage design, interior design — and teaches leadership skills at

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  1. Patty Kashiwamura - January 4, 2009

    Hi Angela,
    These are beautiful! I’m glad you are doing all the things I want to do, so I can live my life vicariously through you : )
    by the way, is it ok for me to link your blog to my blog?

  2. corriespondent - January 4, 2009

    Very professional!!! I wouldn’t know that you were a beginner! They all look great!

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