Chocolate soup dessert

Today we had some friends over. I tried to make this dessert that’s supposed to be like a chocolate lava cake. I made it before and it had a big smiley face written next to it (which meant it was delicious), but I made it years ago. So I made it again today and put it in the oven and thought, gee, that sure is soupy!

I pulled it out and it was totally watery and sloshing around. It was very puzzling, so I went to the recipe and looked and then started laughing. Turns out I had forgotten the flour! It was a truly awful-looking pan of muddy water.


However, our friend suggested, “Why don’t you put the flour in and cook it again and see if it works?”

So I did… and added a little baking powder just in case. And in the end it turned out quite delicious!

It’s a very good thing to have friends who are so forgiving. This same family experienced another flopped dessert another time they came before… and they ate it anyway!

But sometimes I sure really wish I weren’t so scatterbrained….

Another case in point… yesterday my daughter and I went to a goodbye party only about 1.5 miles from my house. After 2 U-turns and a 2-mile detour, we finally made it. My daughter just sighed and put her head in her hands. We have learned Megan + Mommy + dark roads + trying to drive somewhere = lots of detours and U-turns.

Tonight Albert asked, “Are you taking Megan to rehearsal tomorrow night?”

Me: Yes

Megan: Noooooooooooo!!!!

My poor, traumatized daughter.

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