Video woes

So this week has been an interesting experience in video-editing-gone-wrong.

I love working on videos but get little opportunity to do so. I have been a faithful user of Final Cut Express, but I must say that this current project was the first time I considered defecting.

  • My Macbook Pro (Computer A) has Final Cut 4, and Saturday I start 1 pm editing a video.
  • 8 pm: video crashes. I can’t open my file or any of the more recent backups.
  • I recover a backup file from 2 hours ago.
  • Work until 1:15 am when I feel like I am finally getting near the end.
  • Computer crashes. I lose 4 hours of work.
  • Dissolve into blubbering mess. Video cannot be done for Sunday. First time in 41 years I have missed a major project deadline.

So that was how things went this past weekend. Then… this week:

  • Decision is made to push video off to this coming Sunday.
  • Decide to work on video today.
  • Do research and discover that FC4 has problems with Leopard operating system, which is what I am running on Computer A.
  • Go to our iMac desktop computer (Computer B). Yes, we are a geek family and have multiple computers.
  • Try to load FC4 on that computer instead of my own.
  • Operating system (Tiger) is not recent enough.
  • Download update for Tiger.
  • Install FC4.
  • Don’t have enough memory. Need 1GB. Have 512K.
  • Program won’t work.
  • Ask Megan if it’s ok to use her computer, PowerBook G4 (Computer C) to do video editing.
  • She kindly says yes.
  • Unfortunately, it is her main computer and she has to move her files off.
  • Wait around while she moves files from Computer C to Computer B.
  • Megan finishes and I take her computer.
  • As soon as I touch her computer, it crashes. The mouse and trackpad won’t work.
  • Megan jumps on Daniel’s computer (a PC) to look up why that is happening.
  • Reboots her computer.
  • Computer appears to work now.
  • I install FC4 on Computer C.
  • Try to start program.
  • Get error box saying I need 1.25Mhz and this computer is only 1.00 MHz.
  • Feel like crying.
  • Realize that the old version of FC1 is installed on Computer C.
  • Realize that I will need to rebuild my entire video file. At least it will go faster this time.
  • Unfortunately, all photo, music and other files are on Computer A.
  • Try to plug in Firewire cable to transfer files. Doesn’t work.
  • Scramble through storage cabinet and find crossover cable.
  • Plug in crossover cable.
  • Realize file sharing is not turned on.
  • Go into system prefs and turn on file sharing.
  • Voila! Files are now able to be transferred from Computer A to Computer C.
  • Transfer files over.
  • Edit entire project in FC1 on Computer C. No more crashes! Yay!

So as of now, my upgrade to FC4 is worthless because

  • Computer A: crashes when I try to manipulate .PSD sequences with keyframing or transitions (for that is the problem indeed)
  • Computer B: doesn’t have enough RAM
  • Computer C: doesn’t operate at a fast enough speed

Sometimes, when I wonder if all this trouble is worth it, I remember…when I was young, we couldn’t even edit videos at all. So I should be really thankful for this opportunity.

It’s a good thing to keep in mind when hassles like this make me feel like pulling my hair out!

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  • Reply Pete

    Yikes, what a nightmare! I haven’t started doing video or video editing yet, but I was planning to get started soon. In fact I was going to join the Bayside film school last month, but they canceled it for this year (bummer!). My hope is to develop some basic skills for use in creating documentary films for grad school (maybe beyond). I’ve been a PC guy and have been considering moving over to Mac, but after reading about your experience I’m not so sure anymore. Any thoughts?

    March 6, 2009 at 7:43 am
  • Reply Angela Yee

    Final Cut is still an awesome program. The bug is trying to animate layered Photoshop files, so if you’re not planning on doing that, you should be ok. I just edited a video this week that was strictly video footage editing and it worked great!
    That’s really great you’re getting into video. It’s a lot of fun! 🙂

    March 14, 2009 at 1:26 pm
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