How to know you need a vacation

I’ve been working really long hours lately due to many deadline-driven projects all in a row (Last week was 73.5 hours, and that wasn’t counting the ones I forgot to keep track of). So this weekend my husband and I took a long weekend away to Mendocino/Fort Bragg area.

This vacation was long needed. I can tell I need a vacation when:

  • I am yawning all day for multiple days in a row. Morning, noon, night, didn’t matter. Was always yawning.
  • I had dark circles under my eyes. I not only felt tired, I looked tired!
  • When I tried to think, my brain felt like it got sucked up in a whirlwind and couldn’t follow a train of thought.
  • I keep forgetting things. Locked my keys in my office (that’s really a lot of help when you’re trying to get INTO your office), forgot to follow up on things, couldn’t find things, and made more u-turns than normal.
  • Feel a tendency to get irritated at people’s comments. Since I am rarely irritated, this meant that maybe once or twice a week someone said something that irritated me. This to me is an indication my emotional margin has worn down.
  • Find it really hard to focus on praying and reading the Bible. Kept thinking about work, issues, distractions, etc. This meant that my spiritual margin was getting low.

So all in all, these things all told me — VACATION TIME!

People like to have vacation in different ways but this is how Albert and I liked to spend our vacation. Photos are slightly fuzzy since I’ve been using my phone (was too lazy to carry around my SLR camera…another indication I am on vacation).

1. Stay at a bed and breakfast. We stayed in Fort Bragg as it was half the price of Mendocino. Locale is not quite as nice, but it worked for us since we just drove down to Mendocino to walk around. We stayed at Atrium Bed and Breakfast. It was great!!! Very quiet (a little traffic noise in the morning, but not that noticeable to us), well appointed rooms. I must say I have never taken a picture of toilet paper before, but I couldn’t help myself when I saw how fancy they had folded it!


The bed and breakfast has an atrium in the middle, which is where it gets its name, I suppose. It is a pretty cool space between the two houses that they roofed over. Very nice place to sit, I would think, though we didn’t get around to doing that.


2. Eat good food

The food at the Bed and Breakfast was delicious!!! We raved over their breakfast. Cute lemon bread and a very cool water pitcher.


Then eggs, potatoes, bacon with some of the best hollandaise sauce I have ever had. Plus fresh fruit.


We visited a Thai fusion restaurant called Nits Cafe. It was a total hole-in-the-wall look, but some of the best food we’ve had in ages!Pan seared tuna salad on soba noodles, and pistachio-crusted salad with fruit salsa. It was soooo good.


We also ate at Cafe Beaujolais. Outstanding.

The last meal was at Le Petite Rive, an award-winning restaurant. Now we know what it was award-winning. It was a 5-course meal. Here’s a picture of the appetizer, seared wild scallops on some kind of cream sauce (basil?) with sun dried tomato something sauce on top.


I rarely blog or comment about food, but these meals just got better and better and were delicious!

3. Walk around browsing cool shops. Mendocino has many interesting shops. We stopped by an Irish music store and found the many instruments quite fascinating.


We also enjoyed looking at the art galleries. Now that I have taken a glass beadmaking class, I am quite fascinated at glasswork. Albert was interested in the woodworking because he does woodworking. I found the paintings, pastels, and pottery all quite interesting since I have taken classes on all these items. It was so cool to see the creativity and techniques!

These glass vases are beautiful!


This one was so cool. Love the finish. No idea how they do this, though a glassmaking person would probably know.

I loved this funky set of wine glasses, bowl, and centerpieces, all made out of glass. Quite contemporary and whimsical.


The artist made matching martini glasses and tray and centerpieces. Great creativity!


This was an amazing work of art: woven glass into a huge tray. You can see the scale compared to the picture above that has the placard by the wine glasses. I have no idea how they did this. Perhaps fused glass? This tray costs $4100. Eek! I stood there admiring it for a very long time. Love the colors!


4. Get spontaneous treats.

I have always loved caramel apples but rarely had an opportunity to have any growing up. So when we saw one at the candy store, we splurged and enjoyed a really nice treat!


5. Walk around enjoying nature. God’s creation is vast and beautiful. We walked along the coast and appreciated the beautiful sights. It was a bit cold though… The weather has been overcast most of the time. But listening to the crashing waves and birds flying overhead just does something to refresh the soul!


We took a little walk to Glass Beach. Interesting bits of glass make up the beach, pounded smooth by the surf. There are some small pebbles but a lot of it is glass.


Walking to and from the beach, we enjoyed the varied greenery.


6. Watch movies. We love having a DVD player in our laptop!

7. Talk and pray. Great conversation with each other, good quiet time praying and reading the Bible. Can’t beat that!

And that is a picture of a great and refreshing vacation! I am now ready to face the world again!

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    Glad you had a good time!

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