Thoughts on jargon

As I was sitting here doing income taxes, I overheard my husband and son conversing during a video game.

Albert: Oh no! He broke my judo outfit! Now I will get death sentenced! How do I win this?

Daniel: You nullify sleep.

Albert: I wonder if he can vampire suck me.

Daniel: Height prime numbers is good.

Albert: If I do that, I will blast the henchlings.

Daniel: Can’t you just height five and hit boss?

Albert: He’s coming to brain suck me!

To a video gamer, I’m sure that makes perfect sense. To me, I feel like I am on Mars listening to people speaking English and mixing all the words up.

As Christians at church, I wonder if this is how unchurched people feel like as we throw out words like “testimony,” “witness,” and “passage.” All English words. All familiar and clear to churched people. But it might cause confusion for people unused to such lingo. Makes me wonder how many things we do or say can cause more confusion, rather than clarity?

So I wonder if video gamers can figure out what game this is just from the conversation above? 🙂

A Yee

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  1. Megan - March 22, 2009

    Final Fantasy Tactics, I think. Or Warcraft

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