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If someone were to ask me: “You are stranded on a island and can only bring 3 of your most treasured possessions. What would you bring?”

Well, assuming there were electricity and Internet access on the island, I would say 1) Bible, 2) computer and 3) phone. (Since it’s kind of a preposterous exercise anyway, this is just my way of saying the 3 possessions I value the most.) My Bible is God’s Word and my manual for life. My computer is a tool for communication, record keeping, having pictures of my dearest loved ones, and getting work done. My phone is just a small version of my computer when my computer is not available.

Other than that, I can’t say I have too many possessions that even come close to how much I use my top 3 items. (Ok, maybe my backpack, but it’s just a bag.) So last night I discovered my iPhone was missing. I went to bed thinking, I will find it in the morning.

This morning I woke up and tried to remember where my phone was. I looked everywhere.

  • Looked all over my desk. Not there.
  • Looked in my purse. Not there.
  • Looked on my nightstand. Not there.
  • Retraced all my steps: had gone out twice last night. First time for sure had the phone. Second time I thought I brought my phone but didn’t recall putting it back after I got back home.
  • Daniel went to look outside. Not there.
  • I called Albert, who had the car I used last night. Not there.
  • Looked in my backpack. Not there.
  • Looked at my online phone account to see if I could find out if anyone used it since I lost it last night. Couldn’t figure out how to find that out.
  • Called my phone company so they could deactivate my phone in case anyone found it.
  • Asked phone company how to check the record. They told me. Sure enough, my mom had called after my first outing, confirming my phone was still with me after I got home.
  • Asked the phone company if there was any way for them to detect where the phone was. There was not.
  • Called my daughter’s friend’s mother (my daughter had been at their house last night and my second outing was to pick her up). She had gone outside and did not see a phone there.
  • Put a grumpy status on Twitter that I couldn’t find my phone.
  • IM’d my friend at Apple to complain (as if he would be able to help. I knew he wouldn’t but he was sympathetic).
  • Frittered away the morning stewing that I was so forgetful that I couldn’t even remember where it could possibly be.
  • Then was irritated at myself that there are starving children in other parts of the world and that this is such a small insignificant thing. But I also knew it would impact my productivity since I use my phone for a lot of stuff. And today was a work day… I was supposed to be working!
  • This was my morning. Somewhere among all these bullets I prayed for help in finding my phone, as I can’t afford to buy another one.

Albert comes home and I gripe to him. As I explain all the places I looked, suddenly my daughter pipes up, “I heard something fall in the grass last night.”

Silence. We all look at her. She says, “I thought I heard something fall because I was carrying my chocolates and thought I dropped them. But I didn’t, so I just went on.”

Albert kindly drives with me over to the house, 2 miles away. Sure enough, there is my phone, fallen in the crack between the driveway and the grass, just lying there.

It has survived the night and still has a full battery. It appears that it fell out of my purse without my knowing. It doesn’t appear the sprinklers have gone on, as it is dry. It works fine. There are texts and phone calls in it… more work to do.

I feel like the lady in the parable of the lost coin. Rejoice! The lost phone has been found!

Albert goes to our daughter, “If you are with Mommy and you hear something, make her stop. If you are with Daddy, you will not need to do that, because I will hear it.” So true!


So, all this to say that God has interesting ways of teaching me things.

He’s reminding me to hold onto material possessions loosely. There’s a balance between being a good steward and being overly preoccupied with material possessions. He’s broken me out of a lot of the ties I’ve had with most of my “stuff.” In general I am a very content person and have no desire to acquire stuff. But I still love my computer and phone because I love to be productive and it enhances my productivity greatly.

I was encouraged that he cares and answers even the smallest and most insignificant of prayers.

And I just love the irony of it all. On Saturday I am speaking at Bayside Central Roseville’s woman’s event. The topic? Simplifying your life through being organized, which means being able to find what you need it, when you need it! Here’s a perfect example of how when you can’t find stuff, it adds stress to your life!

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